Sneak Peek: Bird Buddy’s Postcard Feature Redesign

Sneak Peek: Bird Buddy’s Postcard Feature Redesign

When our community speaks, we listen. Every update we make to the Bird Buddy experience, big or small, comes directly from reviewing our community feedback and listening to our users.

In fact… did you know that we have a community feedback form that our product team reviews daily? That feedback all gets funneled into our roadmap and the decisions around how we can make your Bird Buddy experience even better!

Which brings us to this highly-anticipated announcement. Over the past few months, our team has been diligently working on one of the most-requested feature changes: a redesign of the postcard flow. While we’ve made some noticeable improvements to the experience in recent updates, this next one releasing in early fall is going to be a game changer!

We’ve been aware for some time that this flow - reviewing and selecting images and videos sent from your Bird Buddy -  can be a bit tiresome for those who have very active feeders. When we initially designed this flow, we couldn’t quite predict the volume of every feeder - and it’s become clear that the experience for those who receive just a few visitors a day is quite different from those who receive dozens!

And so... without further adieu, we’d like to let Bor, one of our product designers here at Bird Buddy, break down what you can expect to see with these changes in this short video! For some additional details, you can read below.

Exciting new features in the Postcard Flow:

"Winning" Screens

We love celebrating every postcard received! But… we know we’re doing a little too much celebrating. We’ll cut back on these celebratory screens and only show them when there’s more to celebrate. From now on, you will only see this screen for new visitors and for every milestone visit, i.e. 10th, 50th, 100th visitor, and so on.

Empowering the Grid Selection

We've appreciated the feedback that the recent addition of the grid has made sorting through new postcards much easier, but you've also suggested some further improvements. First, we’re moving the grid from the end of the flow to the beginning, so you don’t have to assign species to the photos you may not want to keep. Another improvement to this feature is the addition of a ‘select-all’ option. You can choose any or all postcards in a batch with one-tap! What we are most excited about is that this can be used to assign species to multiple photos in a single tap or discard—making this process much less cumbersome. You, of course, can still discard or assign species one by one if needed.

Lastly, we’ll be adding a select option in full-screen mode. Currently, you can see the picture in full-screen mode but not select it. That will be changing.


We’ll be adding groups into the grid view, so all images of birds of a different species will be grouped together for a much better view. This will also include a special selection for all the images that our AI couldn’t recognize confidently, so these can also be handled more efficiently!

Identifying Similar Images

The last change comes from our backend team, who are always hard at work making improvements. This update will improve our ability to identify similar images. All this means for you is that you won’t receive a bunch of seemingly identical photos from the same batch.

We simply cannot say it enough, but our community is what continues to make Bird Buddy better and more enjoyable for everyone. We owe a lot to our very vocal, active, and supportive community, and we hope that these changes will enrich your Bird Buddy experience and strengthen your connection to your local wildlife!

–Your BB Team

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