Welcome hummingbirds like a Pro this year

Welcome hummingbirds like a Pro this year

Not only one but two exciting new additions to the Bird Buddy experience

The launch of our new Smart Hummingbird Feeder is fast approaching, and as we’ve begun to share more and more stunning footage from our test units in the field, we’ve seen our love for this new addition to the Bird Buddy world overwhelmingly shared and amplified by you, our community. We couldn’t be more thrilled that so many of you are eager to make this the most magical hummingbird year yet, too. That said, with the outpouring of your excitement, we also realized that our initial inventory of Smart Hummingbird Feeders is simply not likely to be sufficient for everyone that wants to buy one this season

In light of this, we decided to open our pre-order page for the Smart Hummingbird Feeder 24 hours in advance for all of our Pro members, as a new additional benefit for those most passionate among you. As our Pro member, you will have advantage in making sure you can secure your pre-order a day early on Wednesday, February 28th. Pre-orders with the remaining stock will then be available to everyone the day after on Thursday, February 29th. The initial inventory will start shipping in May, just in time before the hummingbirds start migrating back south in late summer, and are gone until next spring. 

Give back to nature with the magic of hummingbirds

As tiny as they are mighty, hummingbirds are very efficient pollinators, with some species facing habitat loss at rapid rates. By making our gardens hummingbird-friendly havens, each one of us can promote the growth of diverse and healthy plant life in our surroundings, while also ensuring these tiny charmers keep delighting us for years to come.

Over the last year we dedicated ourselves to building a beautiful and expertly designed Smart Hummingbird feeder that will enable you not just to experience the wondrous world of hummingbirds up close, but also help you learn and make a real impact

We’ve put great effort and attention to detail into each feature: the nectar basin is adapted for dripless refills and easy cleaning, the flower-shaped feeding ports are designed to accommodate hummingbird beaks comfortably and prevent them from getting stuck, an optional Solar Roof add-on makes for an eco-friendly charging option that extends battery life, and the durable modular design is made to withstand higher temperatures, while being recyclable and BPA-free.

The Smart Hummingbird Feeder and redefining the benefits of Bird Buddy Pro

The benefit of being able to secure the Smart Hummingbird Feeder early isn’t just a one-off deal. We’re committed to continue evolving the Pro membership, and will be adding more perks that will enable new and better ways to grow your passion for nature with Bird Buddy.

But for right now, if you want to make sure you’re the first in line for the Smart Hummingbird Feeder next week, you still have time to subscribe to Pro in your Bird Buddy app before the end of Tuesday, February 27th in your local timezone

We cannot wait to witness the magic of hummingbirds with you!

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