How Birds Can Increase Your Property Value by $30,000 or More

How Birds Can Increase Your Property Value by $30,000 or More

Homeowners are always eager to increase their property value, but have you ever considered staging your home with…a bird feeder? It might not be as strange as it sounds. The presence of your feathered friends could potentially increase your home’s value by a staggering $30,000!

A Texas Tech study published in Conservation Magazine identified a positive correlation between the number of bird species in a neighborhood and the median value of homes sold. Which means there’s never been a better time to learn how to attract some feathered friends to your yard!

What makes birds such a hot commodity?

Birds have long been used to try to accurately predict the weather, but now, they are able to forecast a lucrative housing climate! The presence of birds boosts the perception of a flourishing ecosystem and advocates for the overall health of the surrounding wildlife. So birds are used by many house hunters as an excellent litmus test for the state of vegetation in certain neighborhoods. The more plants, the more birds!

Potential homeowners are flocking to neighborhoods that offer a richness of native plant species, especially in more urban environments. That desire to surround yourself with wildlife and reconnect with nature is plain to see by the numbers. Studies have shown that trees and vegetation can improve the values of homes by 3.5% to 15%, which is a pretty penny in the current housing economy.

Smart Bird Feeder offers 1500% ROI on your home

Miles Shipside, a housing market analyst and a founding director of Right Move, explains. “[Having good quality gardens] would be reflected in the property prices. But in the UK particularly, people do also put a high value on wildlife, so an area where we can see it and be close to it would be more desirable.”

But many gardens and groves are privately tucked away in backyards and behind gates, so how can prospective homeowners estimate a neighborhood’s worth without hopping fences?

Birds! Our feathered friends are ready to demonstrate the ecological health and vitality of an area, and now, it seems homeowners are picking up on the signs. With such a hefty value bump that birds are indicating for property owners, we might need to revise an old adage from the canary in a coal mine, but rather the canary in a gold mine.

Boost the bird diversity in your neighborhood

It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to invest in the health of your local ecosystem, for your property’s value but also for your local birds. The best way to attract more birds is by offering them the key resources they need to thrive, such as clean water and nutritious food. Both bird feeders and bird baths are excellent ways to invite your avian property appraisers to drop by, but it can be hard to be sure that it’s receiving any traffic. Technology to the rescue!

Want to see what species you’re attracting to your backyard, and also have some fun in the process? Smart bird feeders like Bird Buddy include a camera that will give you automatic visitor notifications and photos to prove that your feeder is in demand. Species diversity is also a key property value indicator, so it’s important that your feeder’s camera features AI that can correctly identify a large number of species. When it comes to demonstrating your backyard’s biodiversity, the more the merrier! offers $50 off on premium smart bird feeders

As your collection of bird visitors grows, so could the potential value of your home. It’s a win for nature, and a win for you with the added benefit of countless stunning bird photos!

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