Community Update: January's Top Pecks

Community Update: January's Top Pecks

Bird Buddy at CES

Welcome to our first community update of 2023! A ton of exciting stuff has been happening at Bird Buddy lately, and we would like to get you up to speed on all that we’ve been up to.

We kicked off the new year by attending CES, AKA the biggest and most influential tech event in the world, which was held in Las Vegas. We got the wonderful opportunity to chat with everybody who stopped by our booth and show them first-hand everything that Bird Buddy can do. We also unveiled some future projects, including a very special feeder for our favorite tiny birds.

Bird Buddy at CES in Las Vegas, USA

Prototyping Dept: Let’s Feed Some Hummingbirds

Since the earliest days, many of our community members have expressed their wish for our feeders to also identify and photograph hummingbirds. In fact, it’s our number one most requested product! We took the feedback to heart  and went ahead and designed the first prototype of a Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder, freshly unveiled at CES.

At this point, the Hummingbird Feeder is still in the early prototyping phase. With the support of our global community, we’ll be testing the design and functionality over the coming months before progressing to the next stage in its development.

It’s an exciting first step towards expanding our Bird Buddy family of products, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride! Stay tuned for more information later this year on when it may be available for purchase.

Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder Prototype

Deep Sleep + Better Battery Life = More Birds!

We are happy to report that we’ve made several tweaks to our firmware which should result in a substantial battery life improvement. We’ve also activated the long-awaited overnight “deep sleep” feature for our entire flock of feeders. Here is everything you can expect:

- Your feeder’s battery life will be almost twice as good.

- If you’ve got a solar panel, many of you will cross the threshold where the solar roof will produce more power than the device consumes!

- Your feeder won’t go into deep sleep until 2 hours after sunset, and will wake up 30 minutes before sunrise, so you will be able to stream during the late evening and early morning hours if that’s your jam!

- To save even more power, we are considering setting deep sleep at 30 minutes after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise. Let’s first see how well the current set-up works for you before moving forward!

- Our team is continuing to innovate ways to improve battery life, and we’ll keep you posted with more updates!

Deep Sleep Feature

Mapping Bird Buddy Visits - LIVE

We are beyond excited to introduce Heartbeat, a live look at our global Bird Buddy feeder network. With tens of thousands of active feeders – and counting! – and well over 300 species spotted worldwide, our newest project is one of the first steps towards aiding bird conservation. We have big plans for our Heartbeat project: the data it generates will prove a valuable resource for ornithologists and conservationists alike, and will be instrumental in better understanding the lives of birds.

Future developments will allow us to efficiently track birds’ migration patterns, and will allow viewers to filter birds according to different parameters, like species, as well as showcase historical data.

Bird Buddy Heartbeat project

Best of Bird Buddy Community

From left to right: @alt_farms, @lmansurrn and @shanmiran

Picture Perfect

We have absolutely loved seeing all the incredible moments you have been capturing with your Bird Buddy feeders, and would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who is actively contributing to the community by sharing their photos.

From the variety of species to the action-packed drama that has unfolded, we truly have a front row seat to the best show in the world:  getting to glimpse the lives, behavior and  (messy) eating habits of our feathered friends.

From our user Loring Munson

Since early October, you’ve shared over FOUR THOUSAND photos on social media! Keep ‘em coming, and make sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter, use #birdbuddy or mention us on Facebook @mybirdbuddy. Want to see some amazing photos by your fellow community members? Click HERE! 

Shape the Future of Bird Buddy!

Two years ago, when we launched our Kickstarter campaign, we had a hunch that many would fall in love with the idea of Bird Buddy. But we never could have imagined just how much people would grow to care, and what a kind, engaged and dedicated community would blossom around the product. Every day, we are overjoyed to see you help one another and share your love of birds and birdwatching.

Going forward, we would like you to be a part of our design, research and development process. We’ve been thinking about how we could make Bird Buddy an even more social experience — but would like to hear your thoughts first! If you have a few minutes to spare today, please take the survey! 

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