Turn Your Backyard Into A Wildlife Oasis

Turn Your Backyard Into A Wildlife Oasis

At Bird Buddy, we believe that every backyard and garden has the potential to support a vibrant ecosystem for wildlife conservation, and that every person has a part to play in supporting the vast biodiversity around them.

We've always looked at Bird Buddy as a tool to bring people closer to nature. To help people build a greater sense of appreciation for the wildlife that’s all around us, and ultimately to help nature compete for our attention. And while we believe enabling interactions is important, we really wanted to find a way to help you actually make an impact in supporting local biodiversity and wildlife as well.

With this goal in mind, we have started developing a concept that we believe can achieve just that. We’re combining the idea of a pollinator garden with a modular system for mounting and a portfolio of devices that will help you capture beautiful moments from all of the wildlife that you’re supporting. With more opportunities to attract different species to your backyard, this collection of new feeders, mounts, and accessories are designed to bring you even more joy.

Whether it be precision flight paths of Hummingbirds, mischievous antics of squirrels, or photos and videos from larger ground-feeding birds like pheasants, doves and pigeons, we hope to bring you even more surprises each day, throughout the entire year.

So far, over 50 million photos and videos of birds have been taken by Bird Buddies around the world. With a better understanding of all the species visiting our community’s feeders, scientists and ecologists around the world can better identify species that are particularly at risk from local and globalized effects of a changing climate. Our sincere hope is that this next portfolio of products creates even more data points that over time can have a greater impact on the world around us.

“If every household created a diverse, thriving ecosystem in their backyard, the collective impact would be tremendous. The greater diversity of native plants, insects and birds, the more positive impact on the environment and ultimately on climate change.” - Dejan Bordjan, in-house ornithologist at Bird Buddy.
Smart Hummingbird Feeder

Co-create the future of your backyard with us...

Like everything we do here at Bird Buddy, we are starting with you first. We are in the very early stages of this project, and would love for our community to build it with us. From materials and colors to the design and functionality of the products themselves, we are coming to you first to get the best input we can, and put this feedback to action in an impactful way.

If you’re ready to be part of this mission, then take the leap and register here now to start creating with us! We are looking forward to building and growing together over the next few months, and as always, are truly grateful for all of the support, contributions, and involvement from our global community throughout this journey!

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