Awesome Arrivals: Ground Dwellers

Awesome Arrivals: Ground Dwellers

Yellow-rumped warbler

Who says birds only fly high? These adorable ground dwellers will steal your heart with their cute looks and endearing behavior. All of them share a common love for the ground, whether it's foraging for food, running, or nesting. They may be small in size, but they are big on personality and charm. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorites!

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Photos taken in the past month: 2,399


Did you know?

These cute little birds are known for their distinctive yellow rump and are a common sight in North American woodlands. They love to forage for berries and will gladly descend to the ground for insects.

Pied Wagtail

Photos taken in the past month: 93


Did you know?

With its black-and-white plumage and constant tail-wagging, this bird is hard to miss. It can often be found near water sources, where it feeds on insects and fish fry. Did you know that the pied wagtail had some interesting nicknames in the past? They were referred to as "Polly dishwasher" and "Peggy dishwasher" due to their presence around village pumps where women used to do laundry. Additionally, the bird's distinctive call of "chis-wick!" which is frequently heard during flight, has earned it yet another nickname coined by Bill Oddie: "the Chiswick flyover".

Black-billed Thrush

Photos taken in the last month: 10


Did you know?

This ground-dwelling bird is native to the forests of South America. They are known for their beautiful and melodious songs, which can be heard ringing through the forest.

Australian Ringneck

Photos taken in the last month: 90


Did you know?

This colorful parrot is a favorite among bird enthusiasts. It has a bright green body, yellow belly, and a distinctive yellow neck ring. Did you know that Australian ringnecks are intelligent birds that can even learn to mimic human speech?


Photos taken in the past month: 17


Did you know?

This tiny bird can be found in the southwestern United States and Mexico, where it feeds on insects and desert plants. Despite its small size, the verdin is a tough cookie, able to withstand high temperatures and arid conditions.

Diuca Finch

Photos taken in the past month: 4


Did you know?

The diuca finch is a small, plump bird that is known for its adorable appearance and cheerful chirping. They were commonly found in the grassy plains and scrublands of South America. These social birds are known for their melodic and cheerful songs, and are often seen in flocks.

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