Have you ever seen birds do THIS?

Have you ever seen birds do THIS?

There’s a reason that over 45 million Americans are birders and more than 3 million international trips are booked every year for the purpose of birdwatching: birds are fascinating! From their colorful plumage to their distinctive calls, birds have captivated our attention for generations. But apart from their species-specific traits, their behavior is prime entertainment as they can display some of the craziest, goofiest, and wildest antics to watch.

Here are some of the highlights that our users have shared with their smart bird feeders that prove any bird can become an internet star.

1. Giving the neighbors a tongue-lashing

Woodpeckers are known for their wood-working skills, but did you know their tongues are also remarkable, with the ability to grow twice as long as their beaks? It even grows so long that when they retract it, the tongue encircles their skull to efficiently store it and cushion the woodpecker’s brain from impact trauma.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker is using their tongue to scare away a rival bird, in this case a Common Starling, from the feeder’s food. Though eagle-eyed viewers will note that the woodpecker takes a lightning-fast snack break while defending his food. Now that’s speedy snacking!

2. Ride ‘em, Cowboy!

This inter-species scene is packed with colorful characters including incredibly persistent Saffron Finches, an unsuspecting Java Sparrow, and a Zebra Dove, who is determined to go about his day and ignore the chaos. So, what’s actually going on?

The Saffron Finch is ready for a seat at the table, and he’s ready to (literally) lay this frustration on anyone in his way. As seen, this tantrum is ultimately successful as both the Java Sparrow and Zebra Dove fly the coop in search of a more tranquil eating environment.

3. David & Goliath at the snack bar

If you have a sibling, you know exactly what’s going through this Northern Cardinal’s mind right now. Across species, the face of indignation (and more than a little stress) is clear as the White-winged Dove ignores the Cardinal and pushes past to get his fill of bird food. But you can’t blame the Northern Cardinal for trying to lay claim to their piece of the pie (even if it is made with seeds).

4. The Kindness of Strangers

No, that’s not an alien. That’s actually a male Red Cardinal that is in the process of molting! It’s also taking time out of its busy molting schedule to feed a young Brown-headed Cowbird. Part of the Cuckoo species, Cowbirds will lay their eggs in the other species’ nests and then leave them. So this unwilling foster-parent is feeding their Cowbird ward, which might explain why it’s losing so many head feathers during this molting process!

Want to catch your own backyard show?

It can be difficult to catch certain birds acting out in their natural habitat. Often, it involves exploring hiking paths and broad areas for the thrill of spotting your beloved entertainer. While time in nature is never wasted, there’s no denying that outings are better when you successfully see your feathered friends. How to guarantee a sighting? A smart bird feeder!

Catch your own backyard show with the AI-powered camera that streams the drama directly to your phone. Smart feeders like Bird Buddy also use bird species recognition to teach you more about your cast of colorful characters.

Never miss a moment of the action and share it with your family and friends to share the joy of nature. Or post them online so your birds can potentially become internet stars like these!

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