Bird Buddy Reveals Hummingbird Feeder Prototype at CES

 Bird Buddy Reveals Hummingbird Feeder Prototype at CES

Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder

Since the very beginning, many of our community members have expressed their wish for our feeders to also identify and photograph hummingbirds. We took this wish to heart, and started designing our first-ever prototype of the Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder!  

Bird Buddy’s prototype Hummingbird Feeder is designed to cater to a hummingbird’s unique feeding style, removing barriers hummingbirds have to accessing food from traditional feeders. It will capture photos and videos of 350 different hummingbird species with wing speeds of up to 60 mph. Just like our original Bird Buddy, motion sensors trigger the camera to take photos of the bird, then run those images through our AI algorithm to identify the species and notify the user through the Bird Buddy app.

Our aim is to build this Hummingbird Feeder with recyclable and sustainable materials using a modern yet approachable design, however we are still in the early days of prototyping the design and full functionality with the support of our community.

All about those hummingbirds

“Hummingbirds are truly magical and increasingly becoming an endangered species that require a specific food source that is harder and harder for them to find,” said Kyle Buzzard, co-founder and chief hardware officer. “In order to create a product that both people and hummingbirds would want to use, we knew we had to develop a practical design that allowed for quick assembly, zero leaks, and easy cleaning”

Over the coming months, we’ll be gathering feedback on the Hummingbird Feeder design and functionality from across our community, and then progress to the next stage in its development.

“We are a crowd-funded company, and our community is a critical, real-time focus group of sorts that is helping us innovate every day,” said Franci Zidar, co-founder and CEO at Bird Buddy. “We started to receive requests for this type of bird feeder and it felt like the natural progression for our class-leading hardware and software products. It’s an exciting development for us as we celebrate our two-year anniversary.”

In addition to the Hummingbird Feeder prototype on display this week at CES (Consumer Electronic Show), we are also displaying the Bird Buddy 3-in-1 accessory set as well as a first-time modular pole and mount system. The 3- in-1 set features a jelly tray with optional water fountain and fruit stake and jelly tray that will attract a broader range of birds dependent on personal configuration. These new accessories will allow multiple hanging unit arrangements, an optional squirrel deterrent, as well as a choice of plant tubs to encourage biodiversity close to the feeder. 

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