Birds Who Visited Bird Buddies in the USA

Birds Who Visited Bird Buddies in the USA

Bird Buddy Geo-Visualization

We are truly grateful for your excitement and enthusiasm (and patience).  It’s been an incredible experience to see this community sharing the photos and postcards that are generated by your Bird Buddy.  

One of the questions that we’ve heard from a few in our community is about what it is possible to learn from the enormous amounts of data generated by the Bird Buddy network.  As you can imagine, our focus has rightfully been on fulfilling and shipping orders.  However, we’ve started to zoom out (literally) and look at what’s possible, particularly in North America, as more and more feeders come online.

To that end, we’d like to share a few different views of a 24 hour period in North America.  This is just the beginning of what we believe is possible…and we will certainly be sharing more in the future, but wanted to give this community an early sneak preview of what we are seeing.

A few notes:

- In the month of November, this Bird Buddy community generated over 2 million bird sightings…2 Million!!  

- Each of the videos below represent a 24 hour period throughout North America.  Each colored dot represents a bird being recognized by a Bird Buddy.

- You’ll note that within each 24 hour time period, you can see the east coast waking up, and then the activity increasing from east to west as the day goes on.

- As an important point, all of the animations below have an anonymized location within a certain radius of the precise location.  This is important so that the specific location of the feeder is not able to be identified through a map like this.

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