Sharing Is Caring: Share Your Bird Buddy Feeder with a Friend

Sharing Is Caring: Share Your Bird Buddy Feeder with a Friend

Share your feeder with a friend!

Sharing is caring! That’s why we have decided to include the possibility of sharing the awesome experience of seeing your feathered friends up close and personal with up to five people!

Here is how you can add friends and family to your feeder and watch your feathered visitors together.

Adding People to Your Feeder

First, go ahead and open up the Bird Buddy App. Go to Settings and select your feeder by tapping on its name.

After selecting your feeder, scroll down all the way to the Manage Members section and choose Add new member!

In order to grant a friend or a family member access to your Bird Buddy, you need to send them one of your five available invite codes. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Share code button.

Once added, they are able to connect to your Bird Buddy, while you can monitor their activity, as well as revoke their access at any time. While they are able to access your feeder, they are not able to change any of its settings.

After tapping the Share code button, your friend will receive the following message: “Want to see what my local birds are up to? Now you can! Here is your invitation code that will let you link your account to my Bird Buddy feeder and enjoy the birds: XXXXXXXX. Just download the Bird Buddy app here and redeem your code.”

They will then need to download the Bird Buddy App – they can do that on the Google Play Store [link] or the App Store [link] –, create an account and redeem their invitation using the code you have sent.

To sign up for a Bird Buddy account, they will need to choose a cool username, enter their email address and create a strong password! After doing all that, they can go ahead and click Sign up.

After their account has been successfully created, the following screen will appear. They should tap on Don’t have a Bird Buddy?

Then all that is left for them to do is enter the invitation code you have sent them and tap Submit code!

After that, it is all in your hands; you will need to confirm your friend’s request. Here is how you do that.

When somebody redeems their invitation code, you should receive a push notification letting you know that your friend wants in on the action, and an action card will also appear on your news feed in the app. Open the confirmation screen by clicking on either the push notification or the card on your news feed.

If for some reason you do not receive the notification, you can also go to Settings and select your feeder again. Under Manage Members you will be able to see if your friend has successfully redeemed their code, and their status will be Pending. Click on the arrow next to their name to confirm them.

You are almost there! Simply tap on the Confirm friend button to finish up the process. Now your friend will gain access to your feeder and the fun times can begin!

You will receive the following message: “Birds of a feather flock together! Now you and franci can collect ‘em all together.”

They will also receive a notification letting them know that they have joined your flock.

And that’s it! You can repeat this process for up to four more friends! In case a friend of yours should happen to get their own Bird Buddy, you can also receive invitation codes. There is no limit to those; you can receive an unlimited number of Bird Buddy invite codes and add them to the same Bird Buddy account, which will allow you to switch between all of them from within the app. The photos you take from any of the connected feeders will unlock those birds' profiles in your Collections.

Thank you for your support!
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