Bird Buddy July Update

Bird Buddy July Update

Bird Buddy Smart Feeder

While there is nothing major to report on the development side of things, we still wanted to check in with you. Mass production is well underway, and our development team is still tirelessly testing the end-to-end experience, ironing out kinks, and squashing any bugs they encounter to ensure the best possible Bird Buddy experience once you receive your device.

The stock of Bird Buddy units is steadily growing, though. Through 21 July 2022, 18.5k units have been manufactured, all of which are currently in transit from the factory to our distribution center in the US.

The number of units produced last week was slightly smaller when compared to previous weekly production batches. This was due to another unforeseen Covid-19 related shut-down at the factory, which halted the production for a little over a week. That said, the mass production has already returned to full swing and will shortly increase to full capacity of manufacturing 7k units per week.

Please note that until the units reach our distribution center, we cannot provide specific shipping dates for individual orders. All the units already in transit should arrive at the US port within 8-10 weeks from the original date of shipment. Due to port congestions, it’s impossible to pinpoint the date exactly. By these estimates, the first batches should arrive in the US by mid-August.

The closer we get to the units arriving at our warehouse, the more details we’ll be able to share about specific delivery dates for early backers. We are aligning all other efforts to be able to support the rollout as soon as possible. As soon as we have a confirmed revised timeline, we will make sure to share it with everyone.

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