Bird Buddy June Update (2/2)

Bird Buddy June Update (2/2)

Firstly, we want to share the latest news regarding mass production. Since the start of production at the beginning of June, we’ve manufactured a total of 7,408 units. 3,520 have been shipped from the factory to our US fulfillment center,, one shipment two weeks ago and another last week. The rest are awaiting a full container shipment planned for this week. Our expected total output for the current week of production is 4500. As a reminder, inbound shipping estimates are still projected to take up to 10 weeks due to port congestions and backlogs created during Covid.

Secondly, we’re excited to share a video of the end-to-end Bird Buddy experience. Down below, you can check out the entire product flow: from pairing your mobile device with the feeder, launching the livestream, taking the photos, and all the way to AI recognition and saving the snaps to your collection. Check it out below!

Last but not least, we wanted to address some of the concerns we’ve seen expressed over the past month regarding our continued efforts on the software side. Bird Buddy is a complex IoT product that involves four major individual components: the mobile app, server infrastructure, firmware, and hardware. In order for Bird Buddy to function as it should, all of these elements have to work together seamlessly. However, there are a ton of variables to consider: from networking and connectivity to video encoding and streaming, power consumption, AI, and everything in between.

This is why we're continuously working to improve Bird Buddy’s performance and reliability: shipping so many units in a short span of time won't leave much room for error, so we're testing the product in as many conditions as possible to hopefully limit the number of issues for all of you before you receive your orders. Throughout these efforts, we do keep uncovering new edge cases, which, if left unaddressed, would not allow for a smooth experience for everyone right at launch.

Networking, for example, is an area that we keep actively improving. Bird Buddy, as a connected outdoors device, will encounter many different scenarios of signal strength, stability, network type and other conditions which can have a significant impact on video streaming performance. We’ve been hard at work trying to gracefully handle non-ideal conditions to allow for the most reliable and stable experience. Another area of continued experimentation is power consumption, various different configurations and how they impact user experience and performance. Some of these things are, especially due to the nature of the device, time-consuming to test and improve. As Bird Buddies start being deployed to your homes, we’ll keep improving based on your feedback and learnings that only a scale like that can provide. Software development and updates will continue indefinitely, even after we launch fully; we will continually test, upgrade, and polish all software to improve the user experience, as well as enable new features of Bird Buddy.

Importantly, all critical features that allow you to pair your Bird Buddy and do a day 1 firmware update are stable and installed on the currently mass-produced Bird Buddies that are on their way to our fulfillment center.

Thank you again for being such an awesome community!

Thank you for your support!
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