Bird Buddy June Update

Bird Buddy June Update

The first larger-scale production run went through as planned in the week between May 31st and June 6th, and yielded 1500 Bird Buddy units. These will now be shipped out to our US fulfillment center on Monday, June 13th, along with this week’s production batch.

While our plan was to have the first shipment leave Hong Kong on June 6th, we discovered that a small amount of test units we shipped out to our team members the weeks before, were damaged inside packaging during the transport which required addressing. You can find photos of these blemishes below:

Fortunately, we found a quick temporary solution in wrapping the main unit in a protective bag so that production could continue uninterrupted. The search for the solution did push back final packaging enough that we missed the June 6th planned date to ship out the first batch, which we’re now going to ship out together with the second week of production on Monday the 13th.

We’ve put together another unboxing video with one of the 44 test units which we’re excited to share with you! Check it out below:

We expect the mass produced batches to be shipped from China to our US fulfillment center every Monday, and the production to scale in size each week. As production continues, we’ll find out just how many units are on their way to the fulfillment center on a weekly basis. With this information, we will soon also be able to start predicting where in the queue your specific orders stand.

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