Bird Buddy July Update 2/2

Bird Buddy July Update 2/2

We’re checking in with this week’s production numbers. We have successfully ramped up production to full capacity and have produced nearly 7000 units this past week. We plan to continue mass production at this rate for the foreseeable future.

As of today, we have produced 24.865 units altogether, which means that all the units pledged for on Kickstarter have been manufactured, along with some Indiegogo ones. This week’s batch will be shipped from the factory by the start of next week. The rest of the units are now all in transit from the factory to our US warehouse.

We also want to reiterate that we fully appreciate everybody’s eagerness to know when their individual Bird Buddy order will ship. That said, we’re still sticking to our general estimates as of right now, but we are expecting to have a clear final timeline once the first few batches of Bird Buddies reach our fulfillment center.

For now, we’ll continue to keep you posted on how our production is going in these updates.

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