Bird Buddy Invests in Nature through Preservation of Forests

Bird Buddy Invests in Nature through Preservation of Forests

- Tech for Nature startup, Bird Buddy, has helped DOPPS reach their first goal of a €45,000 fund raise.

- Funds will purchase an area of forest in Slovenia to protect it from development and to conserve indigenous bird species creating a biodiverse rich flocking site.

- The action celebrates the 50th anniversary of National Arbor Day (Friday 29th April 2022.

Today, Friday 29th April 2022, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of National Arbor Day, Bird Buddy has announced its continuing investment in nature with a substantial donation to DOPPS to support their purchase of a 10 hectare forest. DOPPS is raising €45,000 as their ‘Guardians of the Natural Forest project’ and achieved their first interim target with Bird Buddy’s support. The Slovenian-based organization is part of Birdlife Network International, the largest international partnership for nature conservation with a focus on birds.

DOPPS is on a mission to acquire forest land to preserve unique flora and fauna that is attractive to birds and their nesting requirements. By sequestering a forest, the organization hopes to prevent increasing land grab from developers and private use for logging, helping to maintain Slovenia’s status as being in the top three countries for forest density per hectare. The investment from Bird Buddy has put the organization on a fast track to realizing their goal and allow a natural forest with minimal intervention letting nature do her thing.

The friendship between Bird Buddy and DOPPS started before the ‘Tech for Nature’ startup embarked on its record-breaking Kickstarter gadget campaign, with collaboration on conservation and species diversity knowledge. Outside of the smart bird feeder design and manufacturing process, this support marks the start of Bird Buddy’s global environmental actions that go beyond its core business. The rapidly scaling firm intends to purchase and develop its own forests alongside other options currently being considered that have a direct positive impact on birds and their survival.

Ursa Gajsek from DOPPS said:

With the help of Bird Buddy, we have managed to collect enough funds in one month to purchase 3 hectares of forest to be given back to nature. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Bird Buddy for their support, and we are excited for this huge step towards the protection of our precious forests that we are taking together.

Commenting on this investment, Bird Buddy CEO, Franci Zidar said:

National Arbor Day for us is also about celebrating and cherishing the trees that we have, as well as creating new forests and woodlands. Right from the start, we made a commitment to nature that went way beyond our smart bird feeder. This donation into DOPP is the start; we are reinvesting in our own backyard here in Slovenia first with the prospect of a wild forest. You will find out soon enough where we intend to fly to next! As a US/Slovenian company with an international consumer base, our ambition is suitably global. We are here for the birds wherever they are.

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