Bird Buddy August Update 3/3

Bird Buddy August Update 3/3

We're checking in with you again to bring you up to speed with what's happening here at Bird Buddy. 😊

As of today, we have produced nearly all the units for our Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, and close to 9K of them are already safe and sound in our US distribution center. The rest are already on the way or are scheduled to ship from the factory in the coming weeks. The most exciting news we have to share with you is that, as of today (26 August), the V1 release candidate of the product is finished and ready for the final QA checks. This means that we will have more information about the release of our app to share with you soon.

We have also drafted our fulfillment timeline and are in the process of finalizing the dates with our partners – we will be ready to share the specifics along with a visual representation of the roll-out (and delivery ramp-up) plan next week.

Stay tuned until then for the big update we’ve all been waiting for!

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