Bird Buddy August Update 2/3

Bird Buddy August Update 2/3

We're back with a short update this week. Since we don't have any significant development news, we just want to share some production figures with you.

Mass production is in full swing and is going according to plan, as we continue to produce around 7,000 units per week. As of today, we have manufactured nearly 40,000 Bird Buddies. 28,608 units are in transit, and the rest are scheduled to ship from the factory to the warehouse shortly.

Some of you have been curious about why we aren't starting to ship the units out as soon as they reach our warehouse and what that means for your individual shipping dates. The first shipments of the Bird Buddy units will remain in storage at our distribution center while we wrap everything up into the V1 release, ensuring that Bird Buddy and its software work as smoothly as possible. We have already started extensive testing and quality assurance, but we need a few more weeks to wrap everything up, hence the smaller-scale rollout in the first half of September.

We are also preparing a visual timeline of the fulfilment schedule and will share it with you in one of the upcoming updates.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: you are the best community we could have asked for, and we are very grateful for your patience and support!

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